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During this year long covid-19 pandemic, we’ve constantly took extra safety measurement and comply to government’s SOP in employees’ workspace to join the world fight against the virus, ultimately to ensure we keep our business sustainable.

Industrial Instrument Wholesale

Supply variety of industrial instruments

Electrical Construction

TNB Power Supply Application, PCV/GI Piping, Underground / Overhead cabling works, all your electrical construction needs

Plant / Machinery Automation

Specialised in integrating various automation system including Scada™ and PLS System.

Control System Calibration

Provide calibration for full range of client and plant specified instrument

Power Distribution Panel

Supply, Install and Modify Power Distribution Panel.

our services

Electrical Construction

Construction management, PCV/GI piping, trunking, cable ladder design and installation, TNB power supply application, underground/overhead cabling works, power regeneration systems, containerised MCC and sub-stations up to 11KV, cable racking and cabling and more.

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Smart Home System

Consult and custom build smart home control base on client’s life style need, distance controlling devices by smart phone, tablet and voice command, sensor technology for control programmable function, button scene activation, smart switches, appliances supply and installation, security system, CCTV surveillance system, networking arrangements for industry or commercial use.

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Plant & Machinery Automation

We offers specialised services integrating Scada & PLC Systems. We supply, install and calibrate various types of field instrumentation as well as manufacturing of cable racking and instrumentation mechanical (support).

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Control System Calibration

Calibration products consist of an on-site mobile containerize fully equip unit, that provide calibration equipment for the full range of flied instrumentation. When placing an order, the calibration is client and plant specific.

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Power Distribution Panel

Supply, install and modifications of industry MSB, SSB, DB, change over switch, metering kiosk, panel services, busbar modifications, change of hardwares and E/F O/C relay install or calibrations, power distribution consult and design.

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Industrial Instrumentation Wholesale

Supply and source for all kind of industrial instruments like sensors, contactors, relays, PID controller, PLC, HMI, electric motor drivers, VFD, Servo, stepper, DC drive, VS drive, breakers, controllers, isolators, power switching unit, industrial lighting, ex prof lighting, measuring devices, all kind of cables and wiring hardwares.

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suppliers and Partners



  • HK Gua Musang 11kv transformer and switch gear installation

  • FELDA PPTR agriculture temperature room control systems

  • FELDA kilang sawit Jengka 21 biogas boiler burner system

  • Sumhoon wood processing factory boiler control system

  • Wood Processing factories bend saw and salo control system

  • REX canning food processing factory chiller plant system

  • Gunung seraya woof chemical treatment vessel

  • Kilang sawit Sime Darby hydraulic motor conveyor system

  • Double corporate biogas refining production plant automation and scada system

Why choose us?

We are the company that provide one stop solution for your electrical project from industrial high tension power supply to housing renovation including smart home, solar power and factory automations.

We have more than 20 years of experience in running wide range of electrical services

evaluate client's feedback at the end of project's lifecycle for retrospective to improve down the line

Dedicated work on every project to ensure client expectation is met

ensuring good communication established during project progression, from scratch to completion